Candice Trebus

Marketing Manager

Like you, Creative & Marketing and PR expert Candice Trebus is excited to see the pages of science fiction come to life in the digital age. It is the reaches of data, the evolution of content and the growth of mobility. All of these will drive innovation in the marketing landscape.

With over 10 years of PR and marketing experience, she brings to the Collective a strong and versatile background. Candice builds Akraya’s brand through compelling imagery, thoughtful prose and the mighty power of Adobe Creative Cloud. Nothing is hardened in stone like TV or print was, so creating and delivering messages now is constantly evolving as new technologies are introduced. It’s an incredibly exciting time. Interestingly, in digital world, powerful storytelling is more important than ever. And, Akraya Collective can deliver the Talent for the stories of today and beyond.

Candice comes to Akraya Collective by way of Cat Duo, Ryzen and Gilbane Building Company. She is a proud graduate of Arizona State University and is currently pursuing her MBA. Candice is a consummate nerd and geeks out over board games, video games and science fiction.